Key-G est un producteur de psydub chill ambient. Il a appris à jouer du piano à l’âge de 9 ans et a joué de la batterie dans plusieurs groupes quand il était adolescent.

Key G is an ambient chill psy dub project created by Kike Garcia in 2015. Key G is the result of a whole life involved in music. He started his piano lessons when he was 9 years old and continued it for 5 years. When he was 14 he started playing drums and formed his first bands. When he was 16 he started listening to electronic music .In 1997 , it was that summer when he visited Ibiza for the first time and got hooked by the psytrance movement, its music, mood and wild parties. He started then to produce his music digitally, in 2001 and expend 3 years organizing parties in Madrid till 2003, year when he decide to move to Ibiza to live. Tired of the monotony of psytrance music at that time he decided to move forward and he tried with several different genres. After a long period out of the music business, he is back now with his new downtempo project called Key G. Only 2 years project but with very good reception and projection, in this short time has already performances in Europe and America and has been chosen as one of the best 3 new artists at .His new Ep will be out on next weeks and he is already working on his first full album that will see the light in summer of this year

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