Sergio Walgood

Sérgio Walgood is a Portuguese music producer. He is involved in several projects of which some tracks were edited for compilations of record labels such as Womblabel, Ajnavision Records, Plusquam Records, Peak Records, Psyderweb Records, Audio Aashram, Woorpz Records, Quantic Chill Records, Dark Records, Heart’s Eye Records and Kagdila Records. His first album “Chill in Tribe” was released by Ajnavision in 24 July 2010 and the second “The Mind and Space” was self released via Bandcamp in 21, December, 2013. He has been participating actively in several event, to name a few, among others are ZNA Gathering all editions, Boom Festival 2006/2008/2010/2014, Hadra festival, Freedom festival, etc. In parallel with this solo project, he also participate in Angular Momentum (Experimental Ambient), OCO (World Music/Fusion), Random Mode (Psychedelic Trance), Wireless Brains (Psychedelic Trance) and Fluorest (Psychedelic Trance)

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